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The present agreement is issued by the "IntraNS'' company, hereinafter referred to as "Administrator'', for the attention of the Cardholder. The agreement is concluded when the Cardholder presses the button "I accept the terms'' below.

1. Subject of the Agreement

The Administrator obliges to provide the following services to the Cardholder within the period of validity of the present agreement:

  • 24-hour Internet access services through a telephone line.

    2. Obligations of the parties

    The Administrator obliges:

  • To provide the Cardholder with the services according to the subject of the Agreement from the moment when the Cardholder accepts the terms and fills in the registration form correctly given that the Cardholder obliges by the terms stated in this Agreement.
  • To eliminate all interruptions in the service to the Cardholder in a timely manner, subject to the condition that the interruptions occurred through the Administrator's fault.
  • The Administrator could refuse the Cardholder with the services due to the following circumstances:
    • when servicing can place a threat against the security and defense matters of the country, against health and safety of people;
    • when servicing is impossible due to certain natural obstacles;
    • when the User does not accept the terms of the present agreement or does not pay for the services in due time;
    • when the User uses his/her telecommunication equipment for illegal purposes, or receives the Services illegally.

    The Cardholder obliges:

  • To receive regular updates on the amendments to the present Agreement through the web-server of the Administrator and to inform the latter of the changes in the Cardholder's contact and other details in a timely manner.
  • Not to use the Services to cause any harm or damage (including moral) to the Administrator, its employees or other parties. Both the Cardholder and the Administrator are responsible for keeping the administrative information confidential, i.e. the username and the password of the former.
  • The Administrator does not assume responsibility for damage of any kind which is caused by disclosing the above information by the Cardholder.

    3. Responsibilities of the parties

  • Both the Administrator and the Cardholder take responsibility for failing to oblige by the terms of the present agreement in compliance with the current legislation.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Service to the Cardholder, in case when the damage or harm is caused intentionally.
  • The Cardholder is responsible for the content and correctness of the information provided through Internet at his own discretion.
    4. Validity of the Agreement

  • The Agreement is considered valid from the moment the Cardholder accepts its terms and fills in the registration form correctly.
  • The Agreement is valid until the value of the card is exceeded.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact our support department on the following number 939319.