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INTRANS Company is one of the most advanced and actively developing telecommunication companies in republic. INTRANS was established in 1991 and it was the first company in Azerbaijan, which started rendering of high-quality services of access to the Internet network. Site, the first Internet-site of a national segment of network, has appeared due to efforts of the company. INTRANS today - it is professionalism and reliability, tested and proved to time.
Within the period of its work, the company took strong position on the native market of qualitative Internet - services. There are several main directions of INTRANS activity: providing with access to the Internet network on the dial-up and leased lines to the organizations and private persons; location of web-servers; working out and realization of commercial and noncommercial projects, using Internet network; installation, setup and absolute technical support of local networks; creation of web-sites; and design and preparation of www pages as well.
The company is constantly developing: our experts keep up the new technological decisions, analytical researches of the Internet - services market are carried out, preferences and wishes of Internet users are studied, marketing department watches closely market condition.
INTRANS never stops on achieved. Constantly improving quality of access for our clients, increasing capacities of our channels, expanding modem pools, we also provide the other contiguous services.