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Summer campaign


The first Internet-provider of the country Intr@ns has declared the beginning of summer campaign from June, 1st, 2007. For unlimited ADSL users, now the speed on the international channel from 19:00 to 02:00 increases in 2 times from face value, and from 02:00 to 09:00 in 4 times from face value.

Service available on ATS 493,498,598 438,439,403,510 494,495,499,484 440,441,449 492,497 491  



100% New Year


The First Internet provider in Azerbaijan Intr@ns congratulates Azerbaijanian people on coming the New Year and declares the beginning of carrying out the New Year`s campaign <100% New Year>. Within this campaign the quantity of hours on all hour Internet cards of Intr@ns Iincreas for 100%. Campaign will be prolonged from December, 25th 2005 to January, 15th 2006. We wish you 100%-s` New Year!



Internet through Intrans is always pleasure


The whole activity of the first in Azerbaijan Internet provider Intrans is devoted to satisfaction of the clients’ demands. The most recent innovation of the leading communication company is a graphic evidence of it. Now, due to the cardinally updated site of the provider, its users have got an opportunity of more convenient access to the services of the company.
The electronic resource, developed by Network Technologies web – company, gives users a chance of instant access to the whole services of Intrans. Now in order to register Internet – card, to fill up balance, to check up a mail or to learn the latest news of the provider, it is enough to go on There is a number of additional options, which is also offered to our users. Among them are: the catalogue of the best sites of Azerbaijan, the guide of “Business Baku” and many others. Welcome to our site and remember – only through Intrans “Internet is always pleasure”!